Be a Reporter or a Columnist; Work for Bilkent News!


Bilkent News need eager, energetic, dedicated student reporters, writers and photographers to cover your campus! Report on events, arts and culture, music, concerts, sports, campus life, reviews, news, what’s cool, what’s not, what’s happening, what’s said, and what is being done. Learn to pitch stories, write articles, take photos, and edit your work. If it’s going on at Bilkent, we want everyone to be in on it, and we need people like you to write about it!

Available positions:
  • Art & culture reporter
  • Sports reporter
  • Reporter, general assignment
  • Photographer, general assignment
  • Columnists (please send two of your samples by e-mail)
  • Games editor (Responsible for creating the weekly puzzle in the Bilkent News and coordinates the weekly prizes by seeking sponsors and creating the prize coupons)

Make Bilkent News YOUR newspaper.

Contact us at:
The Communications Unit in the Engineering Building, Main Campus, Room G-22
Ext. 1487 or 2421

With all of that said and done, the staff at Bilkent News would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back to campus.

We hope to see you join our newsroom.

Bilkent News Staff