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Minor Introductions: Econ


Pursuing a minor concentration in economics will introduce students from different majors across the university to understanding how people and societies make choices about distributing limited resources. A background in economics provides fundamentals for good decision making in all aspects of human life. The minor program is a valuable addition to a curriculum in any field, especially for students in management, law, engineering, history, politics, international relations, business, or science departments.
The minor program is designed to give an introductory theoretical and empirical framework in economics.  It includes a sequence of courses in microeconomic and macroeconomic theory, which provide students with a useful introductory understanding of economic theory. Students are also introduced to regression analysis, fundamental to using empirical analysis to evaluate economic policies. Furthermore, the program allows students to choose an elective course in order to focus on a particularly interesting area of economics.
The program is planned for students with some background in introductory mathematics and statistics. Students without prior knowledge in these fields are required to take the prerequisite courses. Students can also use the minor concentration as preparation for graduate study in economics.

Even though it is a new program, the minor in economics has been very popular. More than 80 students applied and half of these were able to register to the program.