How can you win?
Find and circle the words from the list. All but two are in the puzzle. When you finish, email the answer to iletisim@bilkent.edu.tr!

Last Week’s Answers: Russell Westbrook and Mike Krzyzewski

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"Heroes" Characters

Claire Bennet
Adam Monroe
Elle Bishop
Monica Dawson
Maya Herrera
Ando Masahashi
Hiro Nakamura
Matt Parkman
D.L. Hawkins Samuel Sullivan
Mohinder Suresh
Angela Petrelli
Isaac Mendez
Simone Deveaux
Micah Sanders
Tracy Strauss

Send in your email with the right answer and win:

  • Email 14 gets brunch from Magellan
  • Email 17 and 18 get a one free game of bowling at Roll House.
  • Email 21 and 22 get a free game of darts at Roll House
  • Email 39 gets a beverage and noodle dish from Quick China.
  • Email 48 get chocolates from Bind Chocolate.