Original prints and new paintings on canvas, by
Prof. Sema Ilgaz Temel, at the Library Art Gallery. The exhibit runs through to Wednesday, November 3 between 10:30 a.m and 6 p.m. except Sundays.


Tuesday, October 19
“Theodore Roosevelt and New York: The Future President’s Urban Roots,” by Asst. Prof. Edward Kohn, at G-Building, G-160, 5 p.m. Organized by CCI


Thursday, October 21
Referandum Sonrası, by Muharrem İnce (CHP), at FADA, FFB-22, 12:30 p.m. Organized by Atatürkçü Düşünce Kulübü.


Tuesday, October 19
“Novel Magnetic Resonance Technologies for Image-Guided Intervention,” by Haydar Çelik, at EE-314, 4:30 p.m. Organized by EE
Wednesday, October 20
“Collaboration and Partnership at a Distance,” by Dr. Karen Murphy (Texas A&M University), at G-Building,
G-160, 12:40 p.m. Organized by BILWIC.

Monday, October 25
“Rethinking World Politics,” by Prof. Philip G. Cerny, at FEASS, C-Block
Auditorium, 3:40 p.m. Organized by Bilkent University Seminar Series on
Polity, Society and the World.

Tuesday, October 26
“Islam and the Politics of Gender: International Dimension and Domestic
Struggles,” by Prof. Deniz Kandiyoti, at FEASS, C-Block Auditorium, 3:40
Organized by Bilkent University Seminar Series on Polity, Society and
the World.


Saturday, October 23
at 8 p.m. Bilkent Concert Hall
On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of United Nations
Bilkent Symphony Orchestra
Gürer Aykal, Conductor
Ministry of Culture and Tourism Ankara State Polyphonic Choir
Cemi'i Can Deliorman, choirmaster
Esin Talınlı, soprano
Aylin Ateş, mezzo soprano
Hüseyin Likos, tenor
Tuncay Kurtoglu, bass
A. Saygun | Yunus Emre Oratorio Op. 26

Career Corner

Sector  Introduction Days:
Tuesday, October 19
12:30 p.m.: Sosyal Bilimlerde Akademik Kariyer / Berrak Burçak / Bilkent University / FADA, FFB-22
Tuesday, October 19
12:30 p.m.: Fen Bilimlerinde Akademik Kariyer / Prof. Dr. Ergin Atalar / Bilkent University /  FADA, FFB-06
Tuesday, October 19 / 5:30 p.m.: Halkla İlişkiler / Nurcan Karagöz / Uluslararası Eğitim Derneği / FADA, FFB-22
Wednesday, October 20 / 12:30 p.m.: Denetim / Burcu Doğan Yasak / PricewaterhouseCoopers / FADA, FFB-22
Wednesday, October 20 / 5:30 p.m.: Bilişim / Çağatay Işıksungur / EES / FADA, FFB-22
Thursday, October 21 / 12:30 p.m.: Dış Ticaret / Cüneyt Antep / MCA Global Dış Ticaret / FADA, FFB-05
Thursday, October 21 / 5:30 p.m.: Satış / Umut Akbağ / P&G/ FADA, FFB-05
Monday, October 25, 12:30 p.m.: Bankacılık Finans / Dr. Şenol Babuşcu/ Bilkent University/ FADA,FFB-22
Monday, October 25, 12:30 p.m.: Kendi İşini Kurma / Barış Okur / Viveka / FADA, FFB-22


McKinsey Case Interview Workshop

To develop your interviewing skills, to experience a "case interview," and to learn more about McKinsey, you are invited to the "Interview Training Session" on October 20 at 12:30 p.m. in Mithat Çoruh Auditorium. McKinsey & Company is also inviting you to consider an exciting career in İstanbul. Please send your CV to by October 22, if you are interested in pursuing a career.

Palestine Day at Bilkent

Thursday, October 21
Palestine Day, at Mithat Çoruh Auditorium, 12:30 p.m.
* Talks on Palestine
By Prof. İlker Aytürk,
H.E. Ambassador Mr. Nabil Maarouf, and H.E. Cabinet Minister Ms. Siham Albargouty
* Palestinian Exhibition





For the latest updates on the Bilkent Calendar please see:


Attention all students who are entitled for the Entrepreneurship Training in Personal Development Days 2010. The Entreprenuership Training will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:40 p.m. to 9 p.m., from September 28 to December 3, 2010 at EE-01, by the Career Center.