Sports as a Way of Life Program

Yaşar Şaşıoğlu (IR/III) Serkan Elgün (AMER/IV)

The Sports As a Way of Life Program got going at top speed this week! Enthusiastic Bilkenters participated in activities and tournaments on the main campus grass field, in the main campus sports hall, and in the student dormitories sports hall. Students competed in different sports like flag run, tug-of-war, frisbee, and the skills training course. Taking part in these kinds of tournaments, whether or not you have any experience, will definitely serve as a first step towards filling your free time with new and healthy activities. It is time to stretch, run, make new friends, and have new kinds of fun. See the comments made by the Bilkenters that participated these activities:

Tendürek: "Wow. Everything was well structured during last weekend. In my opinion this program has achieved its aim to draw attention of students to the importance of the sports."

Nemrut: "The activities we had done today were really amusing. To be honest, I feel sorry to the people who did not attend today. There is not any need for a special skill to involve and have fun in those activities."

Köroğlu: "We really had fun today. However, it is so dddisappointing that the attendance was not as high as predicted. It would be more fun if more people would attend prospective activities."

Palandöken: "It is quite beneficial for us to have a well structured sports organization formed by university. This program would be quite helpful to encourage more and more students to actively take part in sports."