Program in Memory of Atatürk Wednesday, November 10 9:05 a.m. at the Bilkent Atatürk Monument Moment of Silence
9:30 a.m. at Mithat Çoruh Auditorium
Moment of Silence and National Anthem
Mini Concert
"Atatürk ve Çevresinde Üslubun Zerafeti" by Asst. Prof. Nur Bilge Criss

Buses will leave at 8:45 a.m. from the front of the Engineering Building, Dorms 75 and 51 on Main Campus, and from Dorm 90 and the bus stop behind the Bilintur Cafeteria on East Campus.


International Congress on Cultural Heritage and Music Held at Bilkent

On November 4 and 5, Bilkent University, with the participation of the First Ladies of Azerbaijan, Latvia, The knotted gun sculpture outside the United Nations in New York City.Macedonia, Slovenia, and Turkey, hosted an International Congress on Cultural Heritage and Music. The Congress themes were peace and harmony, love for humanity, and a better future for our children. Emphasis was placed on the role of women in attaining the goals set forth in these themes, and the presence of the First Ladies was a concrete example of the importance of women's contributions to society.

Distinguished speakers and performers shared their views on the value of music and culture in achieving peace and harmony and love for one's fellow humans. The First Ladies opened the Congress with their statements.

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Bilkent Participates in EUA Assessment

Bilkent University, a member of European University Association (EUA), has gone through the Institutional Evaluation Program (IEP) administered by the EUA. The IEP aims to strengthen higher education systems through institutional regional and national evaluations. It is not a process of accreditation, nor does it rank the participating universities. Instead, the program is voluntary and based on a peer evaluation system. The Self Study report prepared by Bilkent and the Final Evaluation Report of EUA can be found here.

Bilkent Enters New Collaborations

Capital Markets Board of Turkey

The Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) and Bilkent University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to undertake joint projects to further the goals of promoting business in Turkey, education in the business world, and internship possibilities for Bilkent students. CMB Chairman Prof. Vedat Akgiray and Bilkent Rector Prof. Abdullah Atalar met at Bilkent on November 3 and signed the document.

The CMB is the regulatory and supervisory authority in charge of the securities markets in Turkey. The CMB's major objective is to take the necessary measures for fostering the development of capital markets, and hence to contribute to the efficient allocation of financial resources in the country while ensuring investor protection.

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Maastricht University

A delegation from Maastricht University of the Netherlands visited Bilkent University on November 1 in order to explore an association between the two universities in various academic areas. Specifically, the delegates met to discuss collaboration with Bilkent's International Relations Department, including a dual degree Ph.D. program. Maastricht also met with Bilkent's Psychology Department to investigate dual degree master programs and staff exchange possibilities. The visitors held meetings with the Faculty of Law to explore programming a lecture series, with the Management Department to discuss networking, and with the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics to pursue collaboration in biology, molecular sciences, and genetics.