Turkish Unit Instructor Vedat Yazıcı Publishes New Book

Writer and poet Vedat Yazıcı, an instructor in the Turkish Unit of the Faculty of Humanities and Letters, has added another book to his corpus, namely "Düş/Yaralı," recently out from Kurgu Kültür Merkezi Publishing. While "Düş/Yaralı" is a collection of poems, Mr. Yazıcı's previous works have spanned a wide range of literary genres from criticism and essays to diaries as well as numerous stories and novels for children and teenagers.

In his new book, Mr. Yazıcı's poems build around concrete images and develop in an innovative manner with unexpected turns of language and other stylistic elements likely to engage the reader's thought, reflecting a modern approach to poetry.

Last week Mr. Yazıcı visited two primary schools in Fethiye to sign his latest book and give talks about Turkish literature. He also signed his other recent books, "Barış'ın Trenleri" and "Poyrazın Çocukları" of the young adult genre, plus "Türkçemsin," which is a compilation of critical essays on the subject of the Turkish language, published in 2007.