Volume 7, Number 1
18 September 2000

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Message from the Rector

Dear Students,
Bilkent Universtiy starts its 15th year of education this year. I am very happy to see that the mission formulated many years ago of creating a Bilim Kenti (City of Learning and Science) has come true...

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Update on Rector's Recovery

Bilkent News interviewed Acting Rector Professor Abdullah Atalar about the health of Professor Ali Doğramacı who is currently in New York receiving treatment for the cancerous tumors found on his neck and vocal chords...

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Also in this issue:

Message from the Dean of Students

Dear Returning Students,
Welcome back to Bilkent University for another academic year!

I hope that your summer has been productive, relaxing and without the sorrows of last year's eathquake.

As you begin another year, I would like to take this opportunity to reming you to take full advantage of your time here at Bilkent. In addition to your very important academic studies, I invite you to also think about participating in the many extra-curricular activities available on and off campus. These include participation in the Student Council, clubs, sports, activities, and also volunteering for charitable foundations, just to name a few...

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Erol Erdinç: New Dean of the FMPA

Professor Erol Erdinç is the new Dean of the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts (FMPA). He assumed his position on September 1 this year.

Professor Erdinç is well-known as the Conductor and Art Director of İstanbul Devlet Senfoni Orkestrası (İstanbul State Symphony Orchestra); a position Professor Erdinç took up in 1983 and carried on until September 2000...

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