Volume 7, Number 14
18 December 2000

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Pianist Fazıl Say to Visit Bilkent

On December 21, music lovers will have an opportunity to hear Fazıl Say, the well-known Turkish pianist, present a program consisting of a selection of short pieces...

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Traffic Slogan Contest Winners

The Bilkent University Traffic Committee has announced the results of the slogan contest on the theme of "Respect on the Roads"...

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Also in this issue:

Bilkent Physicists Cited for Breakthrough

Mehmet Bayındır and Assoc. Prof. Ekmel Özbay, researchers at Bilkent's "Advanced Research Laboratory in the Physics", have found a novel way of using photonic crystals...

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Faculty Member Wins Parlar Award

Dr. Ayşe Baş Collins from the School of Tourism and Hotel Management has received the "Thesis of the Year Award" from Parlar Foundation...

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