Volume 8, Number 13
25 December 2001

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IR Offers a New Masters Program

Prof. Ali Lütfi Karaosmanoğlu, Chair of the Department of International Relations
A Masters degree in International Affairs and Public Policy (MIAPP) will be offered for the Fall Semester. The purpose of MIAPP is to develop international and European affairs experts and executives who can understand the increasingly complex problems of a rapidly changing world. It is designed to provide students with a broad analytical background in the major fields of international relations and European integration.

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Two Bilkent Professors Invited to Join TÜBA

On December 1, two professors from Bilkent University were inducted as full members of the General Assembly of the Turkish Academy of Sciences.

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Student Symposium on Literary Theses and Theories Begins

This week, December 25 through 28, at a four-day “Theses and Theories Symposium”, thirty graduate students from the Department of Turkish Literature will be presenting their work to the public.

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Also in this issue:

Spring 2002 Registration Information

The Online Registration for the spring 2002 semester will take place on Tuesday February 5, 2002 and Wednesday, February 6, 2002. The classes will start on February 7, 2002.
The personalized appointment dates and times for online registrations can be looked up on the web at (http://stars.bilkent.edu.tr). Additionally, “Course Offerings” and the text of Spring 2002 Online Registration Information are reachable on the above web site. The latter is included as an insert in this issue of the Bilkent News. Make your plans and preparations for the Spring semester, now!

Prof. Yeldan Receives KATTOK Nomination

Prof. Erinç Yeldan, Chair of the Department of Economics, has been nominated for the “Turkish Economy Award” by The North American Committee of Turkish Society Awards (KATTOK), headquartered in Chicago.

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Next Wednesday is a Monday! What is next Thursday then?

According to the 2001-2002 Academic Calendar, next Wednesday, January 2, 2002, is a Monday as far as class meetings are concerned. Similarly, next Thursday, January 3, 2002 the Tuesday schedule will be followed for all classes. Please also remember that January 3, 2002, Tuesday (not a Thursday!) is the last day of classes, since January 4, 2002, Friday is the beginning of the Final Examinations. Best of success in your final examinations.

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