Volume 8, Number 3
October 9, 2001

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Hocabey Honored with a Doctorate and Pre-school Named After Him

Konya Selçuk University Senate, represented by Rector Abdurrahman Kutlu, presented an honorary doctorate in Educational Sciences to Prof. Dr. İhsan Doğramacı, founder of Bilkent and Hacettepe universities, in a ceremony held at Selçuk University Campus on October 4.
Prof. Doğramacı was given the honorary degree for his leadership...


Bilkent Sponsors Kite Festival for Physically Challenged Youth

On Sunday October 7, Bilkent University was pleased to help sponsor the 2001 Kite Festival for physically challenged youth of the Ankara area.
Radio Bilkent and the students of Bilkent University, along with the Ankara Rotary Club, joined together to create a wonderful day...

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Smart Cards Are Ready for a Smart Life

All students will be receiving their Smart Cards by October 15 from their departments. In addition to its use as an ID card, the smart card will have many applications around the campus. Smart Cards can be used for...




Bilkent Student Experiences Near Death at WTC

Metin Payman, the 2001 Economics graduate who sent the message below to Bilkent News, was one of the people directly affected by the terrible tragedy in the United States. We wish to offer him our sympathy.
"…as I was looking at the World Trade Center (WTC) from the Wall Street side, I became a witness to the last fire dance of the WTC's twin towers...

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