Bilkent's Ahmet Özer Publishes Two New Books

Poet Ahmet Özer, a faculty member of Bilkent's Turkish Language Unit of the Faculty of Humanities and Letters, made two new additions to his already considerable list of 24 published works: Bir Şehrin Boynundayız  (Yapı Kredi Yayınları) and Çığlık (Kıyı Dergisi Yayınları).

Bir Şehrin Boynundayız contains 59 of Özer's latest poems. It is his first poetry book published after a break of 10 years, although he has published other books in that time.

Çığlık, comprising of more than seventy short articles and essays written between 2007 and 2010, deals with diverse topics that range from art and literature to politics and history.

Özer was born in Trabzon in 1946. He began teaching after receiving his degree from the Departmentof Turkish Language and Literature at Anadolu University. In 1996 he joined the faculty of BilkentUniversity where, in addition to teaching, he also worked as the art editor of Bilkent's early literary journal, 4 Mevsim (1997-2001).

Özer's first poem was published in 1966. He has been a contributor to Kıyı Dergisi since 1981, and since 1986, he has also been its art editor. Özer has received numerous awards for his literary work, primarily for his poetry. Özer is also published considerably in genres outside literature. These include areas such as investigatory studies, essays, newspaper articles, interviews, and book editorship.