Konuşan HALK'a 2011

Konuşan HALK'a" is a project designed by Genç Aydınlanma Kulübü which aims to develop a consciousness and understanding of our surrounding society. The club hopes to realize this purpose by discovering how people live in less prosperous areas of Ankara.

The project, in its third year, will be carried out with the collaboration of the Çankaya Municipality. On March 26 and April 2, the club will pay visits to district 50. yıl in Ankara in order to be informed about the difficulties inhabitants face, their future expectations, their political ideologies, and their opinions about the state, public services, and local authorities. Then, students will brainstorm to propose solutions. At the end of our project, the club will ideas to the authorities.

If you want to go beyond the boundaries of Bilkent and help make a difference for people less fortunate than yourself, join GAK. For more information, contact
konusanhalka@gencaydinlanma.com or visit their website: www.gencaydinlanma.com.