ESN Bilkent Visits Bursa

After a trip in December to the village of Şanlıurfa, ESN (The Erasmus Student Network) Bilkent continued the project in the spring semester. This time a primary school in one of Bursa's villages was the destination. Students spent more than 2 hours with children at a school early on Saturday morning and gave them books they had brought as gifts. The school director delivered the books directly to the school public library so others can take advantage of collection too. After taking some photos with students and amazing views they stayed a half-hour longer to visit with the children.

After leaving the school, ESN Bilkent made their way to Bursa; no one was tired of long trip after spending time with the children. Contact ESN Bilkent:

Vahid Tayfeh (534) 464-1179 / Salih Odabaşı (543) 512-5463.