Croatian President Speaks at Bilkent

President of Croatia Ivo Josipovic delivered a talk at Bilkent last week, on Monday, March 14, during a diplomatic visit to Turkey. President Josipovic began by providing assembled guests a historical overview of Croatia, explaining the process of democratization, the ending of the war, and how the country intends to progress in the future.

During the course of his talk, delivered at the ICC conference hall, President Josipovic stressed common historical and cultural ties between Croatia and Turkey. He continued by explaining the similarities of both countries' contemporary foreign policies - particularly in view of both countries' aspiration to join the European Union and both countries' stated goals of friendship with all neighboring states, stating: "The values of our foreign policy are more or less similar with Turkey."

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Delegation from Singapore Visits Bilkent

Bilkent University had the pleasure of hosting distinguished guests from the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), the National University of Singapore, and the Nanyang Technological University, all three institutions based in Singapore.

After visiting Rector Abdullah Atalar, the guests toured some of Bilkent's research facilities on campus and in Cyberpark.

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Summer Internship Opportunity in Singapore

During the visit of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research in Singapore (A*STAR), Dr. Khiang Wee Lim, Executive Director of A*STAR, briefed Bilkent engineering and science students on the Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award (SIPGA) program which supports short term research attachments for international students at A*STAR. It provides a unique opportunity for top students to experience the vibrant scientific environment in A*STAR Research Institutes. Students will be able to work with distinguished and world-renowned researchers in A*STAR labs for 2 to 6 months.

Students who are interested in the SIPGA program can contact the Office of International Students and Exchange Programs in the Registrar's Office.

Administrative Changes in BUSEL

There has been a position change in the Preparatory Program of the School of English Language (BUSEL). Erhan Kükner has resigned his position as director of the preparatory program to focus on textbook production and courses in the M.A. in Management in Education. Mr. Kükner has worked tirelessly and effectively for the School of English Language over many years now, contributing to its development and success.

Mr. Kükner's successor is Dr. Hande Işık Mengü, who has been appointed as acting director of the preparatory program. She joins Dr. John O'Dwyer (director, BUSEL), Dr. Tijen Akşit (FAE Program director), and Dr. Simon Phipps (director of the BUSEL Centre for Instructor Education, Development and Research) as part of the senior management team of the School of English Language.

13th Career Fair Hosted 40 Firms and 1700 Visitors

The 13th Annual Career Fair was held on March 17 in the Main Sports Hall. In the fair, there were 40 companies from different sectors of the business world. The companies had their own stands where the students gathered information about internship programs and job applications. Especially third and fourth year students showed interest in the fair, and they got the chance to apply for internship programs and present their CVs to the human resources representatives.

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Sniffing with Nanotechnology

Bilkent scientists devise a digital photonic nose for machine olfaction

Given that the sense of smell might seem unavailingly evanescent and the most inimitable of all senses, how could one ever think of registering the refreshing smell of morning coffee, the fragrance hovering a jasmine garden, or the fresh citrus scent of a bergamot blend? Individuals who have an exceptionally keen sense of smell and retentive olfactive memory certainly help, but they will eventually suffer from olfactory fatigue. Machine olfaction research, by mimicking biological sense of smell to differentiate blends, aspires to make electronic noses that can exactly do this.

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