13th Career Fair Hosted 40 Firms and 1700 Visitors


The 13th Annual Career Fair was held on March 17 in the Main Sports Hall. In the fair, there were 40 companies from different sectors of the business world. The companies had their own stands where the students gathered information about internship programs and job applications. Especially third and fourth year students showed interest in the fair, and they got the chance to apply for internship programs and present their CVs to the human resources representatives. 

During the fair, Bilkent News asked Bilkenters what they thought about the career fair and whether they had further expectations from the organization:

Nil Karacaoğlu (IE/III)
"In my opinion, the career fair is very beneficial for the students. As an industrial engineering student, I got the chance to apply for an internship program and I gathered some information about the career paths of the big companies where I want to work in the future."

Feyza Aykaz (MAN/I)
"This is the first time I have been to the career fair. I really find it very helpful and advantageous for the students. I get the chance to learn what kind of qualifications the companies expect from the students. Since I am a freshman student now, I will organize my career path by taking these expectations into consideration."

Tuğçe Yurtseven (CS/IV)
"The career fair constructs a bridge between the companies and the students. With the help of this bridge, it is getting easier to gather information about application processes of the companies. Last year, at the career fair, I applied for an internship program, and at the end I was accepted. In my opinion, in order to make the fair more effective, the number of the companies can be increased and the fair can be took place in bigger area to decrease the crowd."

Selin Yanıkara (IE/III)
"In my opinion, meeting the representatives in person is more useful than gathering information from the websites of the companies. Thus, I find the fair so beneficial. However, the number of companies from different sectors is not enough for such a big event. The increase in the number of different sectors helps us to learn different business perspectives. Thus, I hope to see more and different sectors in the fair for the next time."