Volume 6, Number 26
1 May 2000

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Professor İhsan Doğramacı's Birthday Celebrated in Azerbaijan

The President of Azerbaijan feted Professor Doğramacı last week in Baku for two event-filled days in honor of Hocabey's 85th birthday. On Monday, April 24, a packed celebration took place at the Presidential Palace, the largest and most prestigious cultural center in the country. The next day, our founder was presented an honorary doctorate degree by Baku State University.

A statue of Professor Doğramacı, sculpted on the request of President Aliyev by the internationally acclaimed Azeri artist Ömer Eldarov, was then unveiled on the university campus. The same day, a bust of Professor İhsan Doğramacı was placed in the Medical University of Azerbaijan. The celebration continued in the evening with a special performance of the ballet Kız Kalesi at the Azeri State Academic Opera and Ballet Hall...

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Student Union Executive Board

The new Student Union Executive Board was elected on Wednesday, April 26. The Student Executive Committee officers are listed on page 2. Members of the board are as follows:...

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Bilkent to be Graced by Atatürk Statue

One of the most eminent sculptors in Turkey, Hüseyin Gezer, is nearing completion of the Atatürk Statue commissioned by Bilkent University. The statue is approximately six meters tall and will be officially unveiled in September 2000 at the main entrance of the university.

The statue of Atatürk will be placed in the center of the main entrance flower bed and will face towards Ankara. At the back of the statue, there will be two university student figures, one male and one female, both with one hand raised to the sky to symbolize the loftiness of Ataturk's principles...

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Two EE Profs Receive Medals

Two faculty members, Ayhan Altıntaş and Levent Onural, were awarded Third Millennium Medals by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.) for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the field...

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