Volume 12, Number 21
14 March 2006

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Bilkent’s “World Poetry Day” to Feature Attilâ İlhan’s Poetry

This year, World Poetry Day will be celebrated at Bilkent with readings of Attilâ İlhan's poetry by Yıldız Kenter and others in several languages--Arabic, English, French, German, Macedonian and Persian. The annual event has traditionally been organized by the Center for Turkish Literature. This year, the Center has joined forces with the student organization Basın Yayın Kulübü.


A New Japanese Touch at
Le Piment Rouge

Most of you have probably heard about the Le Piment Rouge Restaurant located on East Campus, where dishes from all over the world are served and where Tourism students do all of the cooking and serving. This semester THM and THS Department students are preparing Japanese and Chinese menus on Tuesdays and Wednesdays under the guidance of their instructor, Satochi Seike.

The Bilkent News interviewed Mr. Seike, who is from Japan and came to Bilkent in November 2005. Besides Chinese and Japanese cuisine, he is also an expert on European desserts. He likes sushi very much and tries to have his students serve it at least once a week. (Continued)

Closer to Nature: Organic Gardening on Campus

The Organic Paradise project started at Bilkent four years ago. Since then, it has attracted the participation of many people who live on campus. The project offers individuals the opportunity to grow their own food in plots located on Middle Campus. A participant pays only 70 YTL. for the use of a 20-square-meter plot for a whole year.

The Bilkent News talked with some of the Organic Paradise gardeners.
Ayça Kurtoğlu, an instructor in the Political Science Department, plants
many types of vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumbers and beans, in
her garden. "It creates an opportunity to become closer to nature, and
allows to you to grow organic foods from organic seeds." (Continued)

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Human Rights & EU Club Ranked Third Among Turkey’s Student Organizations

In the second "Most Active Clubs/Student Organizations" competition organized by Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı (TOG) and uniaktivite.net, Bilkent University's Human Rights & EU Club ranked third in the "Ideas and Culture" category among more than 400 student clubs in Turkey.

The competition was established in order to encourage student unions, clubs and other NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to organize and take part in scientific, social, technical, cultural and sports activities. Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı, established in 2002 as a civic awareness and social responsibility movement, is a volunteer organization dedicated to mentoring young people between the ages of 17 and 25 to increase their productivity, efficiency, entrepreneurship and civic participation. uniaktivite.net is a university and campus guide, which provides hundreds of student clubs the means of publicizing their activities via the Internet. (Continued)

Nike Dance Program a Huge Success

This semester's Interval Training Program, organized by the Physical Education and Sports Center, was held at the Student Dormitory Sports Hall on Tuesday, March 7, at 6:30 p.m. Over 500 students participated in the session, which lasted two hours and combined the dynamism and energy of "Nike Dance" and tae-bo.

In previous semesters, the Interval Training Program offered a mix of aerobics, tae-bo, step and fitness training. However, the participants had a different type of experience this time, as the Nike Dance tour came to Bilkent. The session was led by Candaş Baş, Nike's dancer in Turkey, and Bilkent fitness instructors Pınar Tansı and Mert Sağlar, while Bülent Uzunoğlu, Serhan Gürhan and Fatoş Harmancı led the tae-bo portion of the program.

All Bilkenters, dancers or not, enjoyed the music and exercise, and found the program a good way to banish the stress of academic life. Attendees not only had the opportunity to learn the basic moves of Nike Dance
and tae-bo, but also received promotional gifts. (Continued)



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